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Haskell University turns attention to violence against women

The flyer for the End the Violence symposium. Image from Facebook

Officials at Haskell Indian Nations University in Kansas are raising awareness of violence towards Native women.

Only a handful sexual assaults have been reported in the last few years and there have only been four incidents of dating violence this year. But officials say they want to ensure students are protected when they are away from home.

“A lot of these students that come here do come from backgrounds where violence is a lot more prevalent,” student rights specialist Danelle McKinney said at a symposium on the issue, The Lawrence Journal-World. “We want to be able to educate them to say this is not acceptable. And as future tribal leaders, we want them to carry that message back.”

Haskell complies with Title IX, a federal law that requires schools to eliminate and prevent sexual and intimate partner violence on their campuses. The school also falls under federal jurisdiction when it comes to crimes involving Indian victims.

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