The Clinton Presidential Center in Little Rock, Arkansas. Photo: Clinton Foundation

Quapaw Tribe joins Clinton center anniversary in Arkansas

The Quapaw Tribe of Oklahoma is helping Bill Clinton celebrate the 10th anniversary of his presidential center in Arkansas.

The tribe made a contribution in order to become a sponsor of the birthday bash, The Arkansas Times reported. Chairman John Berrey and other leaders attended a private picnic today at the center and will attend the celebratory concert tomorrow night.

"This is partly an educational mission, partly cultural and community relations to reconnect with our original home," Berrey said in a press release, the paper reported. "But a lot of it is also because we just enjoy doing these things. We love Arkansas, and it always feels great to come home."

The tribe used to live in Arkansas before being forced to leave. The tribe recently acquired 160 acres of its former reservation -- the land is only a few miles from the Clinton center in Little Rock.

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Quapaw Tribe, re-establishing itself in Arkansas, joins Clinton birthday event (The Arkaansas Times 11/14)

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