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Warm Springs Tribes play host to unmanned drone test grounds

A view of the Warm Springs Reservation in Oregon. Photo from PreNav Inc. / Twitter

The Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs Reservation in Oregon are hosting a drone test site as part of a multi-state and multi-agency partnership, Drone JD reports.

The Pan-Pacific Unmanned Aerial System Test Range Complex was approved by the Federal Aviation Administration in December 2013. The partnership includes the states of Oregon, Alaska, Hawaii and the Warm Springs tribal government.

The Warm Springs UAS Test Range allows the partnership to fly drones in a large area without disturbing the environment or reservation residents. Tribal members are being trained as pilots and operators in what appears to be a growing, although somewhat controversial field.

The flights are also helping the tribe with its wildfire efforts. The drones can be used to survey damage, investigate potential fires and assist in firefighting, Drone JD repoted.

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