Editorial: Use tribal tax revenues for Oklahoma Indian museum

The American Indian Cultural Center and Museum sits unfinished in Oklahoma City. Photo from AICCM

Oklahoma newspaper supports the use of tribal tax revenues to finish construction on the American Indian Cultural Center and Museum:
Talk of funding the American Indian Cultural Center and Museum’s completion in Oklahoma City also drew our attention. Of the $80 million needed to finish the project, $40 million in private funding has been pledged if the state comes up with the remaining $40 million.

State Sen. Patrick Anderson, R-Enid, opposed funding the AICCM for many moons. However, last fall he suggested earmarking gaming and tobacco revenue from tribes and redirecting it from the state’s general revenue fund.

“We don’t have any tribes in my district, so it’s very difficult for us to accept that we’re going to spend taxpayer dollars for this project if we don’t see a commitment from the tribes as well,” Anderson told The Oklahoman.

We think tying tax dollars to tribal enterprises makes sense. Considering the amount of time and money invested in the AICCM thus far, we’d like to see the expensive project completed in a fair and reasonable manner.

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