Lytton Band enters into land-into-trust agreement with county

This property is included in the a pending land-into-trust application. Photo from Lytton Residential Development Environmental Assessment

The Lytton Band of Pomo Indians has reached a land-into-trust agreement with Sonoma County in California.

The deal runs for 22 years and would require the tribe to pay $6.1 million for one-time impacts and to make payments in lieu of property taxes, The Santa Rosa Press-Democrat reported. In exchange, the county would support pending and future land-into-trust applications with the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

“The first thing to understand is that what is allowed to be taken into trust is not dictated by us at the county level,” supervisor James Gore told the paper. “It might take time, but it is their ancestral footprint."

The tribe has a pending application to use a 147-acre site for housing. Another 800 acres could be the subject of a future application, the paper said.

The county supervisors are meeting today to consider the agreement.

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Sonoma County, Lytton tribe set to reach development deal (The Santa Rosa Press-Democrat 3/10)

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