Yerington Paiute Tribe works with youth center to make changes

The Silver State Academy on the Yerington Paiute Reservation in Nevada. Photo from SSA

The Yerington Paiute Tribe of Nevada and a youth facility on the reservation are making changes in response to a series of incidents that put a strain on law enforcement.

The Silver State Academy is a privately-operated facility for at-risk male teens. It operates under a license issued by the tribe.

Tribal, local and state police officers and fire fighters have responded to four incidents there in the last four months, including one that resulted in minor injuries to staff, two fires and significant damage to buildings. As a result, the state of Nevada pulled out a couple of dozen youth from the facility.

The tribe's license now requires Silver State to maintain enrollment in the 20s, The Reno Gazette-Journal reported. The ratio of staff to students also has been increased, the paper said.

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