Fort Peck Tribes moving forward with troubled housing project

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie attended the Make It Right gala in 2014. Photo from Facebook

The Fort Peck Tribes of Montana are moving forward with a housing project that got its start with actor Brad Pitt and his foundation.

The project is featured prominently in a Make It Right promotional video. Designs were unveiled last June, promising 20 energy efficient homes on the reservation "this year."

YouTube: How Make It Right Works

The only problem is no houses have been built since the project was announced in 2011. Tribal leaders have learned that the cost of providing infrastructure services has spiraled to $2.6 million.

"So now here we are stuck in the middle with all this investment and no development of our land, and that's what we wanted," council member Tommy Christianson told KBZK. "They showed us all these plans and what not. So did we get took? We don't know."

In February, the tribal council voted 5-4 to secure a loan to move forward with the project, The Fort Peck Journal reported. At least five homes are supposed to be built by July 2015.

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