Parties await ruling in latest appeal over sacred Medicine Lake

Supporters rally in front of the federal courthouse in San Francisco, California, on March 12. Photo by Becky White / Protect Medicine Lake

A long-running battle over a sacred site in northern California was back before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals last month.

Calpine Corporation wants to build a geothermal energy plant on federal land near Medicine Lake. At issue is whether the Bureau of Land Management can legally extend the leases for the project without considering the potential damage to the sacred site, known for its healing qualities.

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The Pit River Tribe and environmental groups are challenging a total of 26 leases, The Siskiyou Daily News reported. The tribe is also disputing a different lease affecting another geothermal project at Fourmile Hill.

YouTube: Pit River Tribe v. BLM

Yet another issue arose when BLM and Calpine said the tribe and other plaintiffs lacked standing to sue under federal law. That was part of the appeal heard by the 9th Circuit on March 12.

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