Winnebago Tribe holds election next month to fill vacant seats

John Blackhawk resigned as chairman of the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska. Photo from Ho-Chunk Inc / Facebook

The Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska will hold an election on May 5 to fill three vacant council seats, Kevin Abourezk reported for The Lincoln Journal Star.

John Blackhawk resigned as chairman last week, after 20 years of leading his people. Two other council members also resigned in the wake of a spending scandal that has affected nearly everyone on the tribe's governing body.

But rather than proceed with ethics hearings against three additional council members, the tribe decided to wait until May 6, the day after the election. If any of those three are removed, presumably another election will be called.

The council consists of nine members so there has been a consistent majority despite the crisis.

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Winnebago tribe to vote May 5 on new council members (The Lincoln Journal Star 4/7)

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