Gyasi Ross gets nod for 'Marlon Brando' single off new release

Gyasi Ross. Photo from Facebook

Attorney and author Gyasi Ross is garnering critical accolades for ISSKOOTSIK (Before Here Was Here), his first spoken-word album.

CityArts of Seattle features "Marlon Brando" as one its Attractive Singles for July 2015. Critic Jonathan Zwickel praises the track for educating him on activism in Indian Country.

SoundCloud: Marlon Brando by Gyasi Ross featuring Sacred Water

"Thank you Gyasi Ross: I had no idea Brando declined his Best Actor Oscar for The Godfather to protest the depiction of Native Americans in Hollywood cinema," Zwickel writes.

ISSKOOTSIK was released in May. In it, Ross delivers messages of struggle and hope with tracks about Indian activists, treaty rights and border towns.

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