Commerce Blog: Secretary Pritzker meets with tribes and youth

Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker and Vice President Joe Biden. Photo from Twitter

Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker is meeting with tribal leaders and Native youth in Michigan today to highlight the programs offered by the Department of Commerce:
Here are a few examples of how Commerce partners with tribal communities:

The Economic Development Administration provides grants that help remove economic barriers and attract further investment to Indian Country, addressing a broad array of needs from facilities and infrastructure construction to technical assistance and revolving loan fund projects. Between FY 2009 and 2014, EDA awarded nearly $48 million in assistance to American Indian tribes and Alaska Native entities to start businesses, build roads and other infrastructure, and create economic development plans.

The Minority Business Development Agency leverages public and private resources to provide minority entrepreneurs, including Native clients, with access to expertise, capital, contracts, and new markets. During the Obama Administration thus far, MBDA has assisted Native American clients in accessing nearly $1.87 billion in capital, through its nationwide network of business centers - six of which are located in high Native population areas: Anchorage, Alaska; Fresno, California; Santa Fe, New Mexico; Bismarck, North Dakota; Tulsa, Oklahoma; and Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Expanding broadband Internet access and adoption in America is a key element of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration’s mission. Through the Broadband Technology Opportunity Program, NTIA provided $1 billion for projects benefitting tribes, $43 million of which was awarded directly to tribal governments. The Broadband USA initiative will support continued work to help Native communities expand broadband infrastructure and adoption by convening stakeholders and community leaders, sharing lessons learned, developing toolkits, and providing technical assistance.

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