Navajo Nation hires firm to pursue Gold King Mine spill lawsuit

The San Juan River remains under a health and safety advisory on the Navajo Nation. Photo from Facebook

The Navajo Nation hired a law firm to pursue claims arising from the Gold King Mine disaster.

An August 5 incident at the abandoned mine in Colorado sent 3 million gallons of toxic waste into the water system. Hueston Hennigan, a firm with experience in environmental damage cases, will help the tribe address the impacts of the catastrophe.

“The impact has been devastating to our culture and economy, as well as to the peace of mind of our people," Attorney General Ethel Branch said in a press release. "With unknown amounts of this fine sediment in our water we now we face the risk of reliving this nightmare with every major increased water flow event affecting the river."

The tribe shut down the San Juan River in New Mexico to protect crops, livestock and people from contamination. Tests showed high levels of dangerous chemicals like lead, mercury and arsenic following the spill.

The Environmental Protection Agency has said conditions on the San Juan River have returned to "pre-incident" levels. But tribal leaders have been concerned about the Obama administration's handling of an incident they are calling Yellow Water, a reference to a term used in connection with the toxic legacy of uranium mining on the reservation.

The tribe has since flushed an irrigation canal but many farmers lost crops because they went without reliable water for more than three weeks.

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