Don Hedrick: Rapid City police working toward a better future

Don Hedrick. Photo from Rapid City Police Department

History is not forgotten as we work toward the future
By Don Hedrick
Assistant Chief, Rapid City Police Department

On Nov. 10, the Rapid City Police Department hosted a well-attended forum on race-relations at the Mother Butler Center. The results of a year-long study commissioned to examine the department’s contact with Rapid City’s minority population were discussed. It’s safe to say the RCPD left feeling good about the community’s genuine interest in working toward a solution in improving race-relations.

We are aware that police work comes with its fair share of criticism. Those in law enforcement are held to a higher standard, as they should be. That said we would like to provide the full context of Chief Karl Jegeris’ opening remarks referenced in the Nov. 25 opinion article titled "Trying to bridge the racial divide."

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(The Rapid City Police Department can be reached at the office at 605.394.6031 or by cell phone at 605.939.5575)

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