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Lakota Country Times: KILI Radio celebrates 33 years on the air

The KILI board of directors includes, from left, Richard Zephier, Janice Richards, David Plume, Bill Means, Nick Hernandez and Morris Brewer. Not pictured: Alex White Plume not pictured. Photo courtesy Arlo Iron Cloud.

KILI Radio celebrates 33rd anniversary as the 'Voice of the Lakota Nation'
By Tom Crash
Lakota Country Times Correspondent

PORCUPINE BUTTE – On Thursday, February 25, KILI Radio celebrated their 33rd anniversary as the “Voice of the Lakota Nation."

The day featured an open house where listeners and community members had an opportunity to stop by Porcupine Butte for soup, bread and cake and a chance to go on the air and share birthday wishes with the listening audience.

“KILI Radio has had an incredible impact on our communities and tribal membership all across the reservation, helping to connect us on a daily basis,” said Dr. Richard Zephier, board member. “The station has helped create a positive environment for business development on the reservation.”

Donations for KILI’s open house came from Betty’s Kitchen, Oglala Ridge Store, Percy White Plume, Rita White Plume, Sally O’Rourke, Milo Yellow Hair, Vet’s Hour-Frank Marshall, Duane Brewer, Ivan and Marge Brewer, Richard Zephier and Eric and Summer Fox Belly.

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“KILI Radio has become an important part of the history of Lakota people on Pine Ridge Reservation” said board chair, Bill Means, as he addressed the KILI Radio audience, talking about the history of the station and about some of the major issues that the station has covered over the years,

“The current history and the ongoing struggle over the Black Hills and the identity of who we are in the 21st century will be heard on the KILI airwaves," Means added.

KILI first went on the air on February 25, 1983, with Calvin Two Lance speaking in both English and Lakota. Today the station continues with programming in both languages.

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