Non-Indian woman faces criticism over 'Pow Wow Fried' food truck

Signage for the Pow Wow Fried food truck features a teepee and a child in some sort of headdress. Photo from Facebook

A non-Indian woman in Oregon might be renaming her food truck after stirring controversy on the Internet.

Sandee Klein opened the Pow Wow Fried truck just a few weeks ago. She offers fry bread and other items typically associated with powwows and tribal events.

But after the name of her business, as well as signage that features a teepee and a child in some sort of headdress, drew threats of litigation on Facebook, Klein indicated she was going to change it. That plan, however, might be on hold because she told The Bandon Western World that she's asked the Coquille Tribe for some sort of endorsement.

"Right now we're playing a waiting game," Klein told the paper. "If they really do sue me, I'll probably take it all the way to the Supreme Court."

Klein told the paper that she learned to appreciate fry bread after living near the Washoe Tribe in Nevada.

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