Native Sun News: The future of Lakota basketball in South Dakota

Trista Merrival (21), playing for Class A Red Cloud, scoring a lay up around Class AA Sturgis’ Loralee Stock. Red Cloud won the February 18, 2016, game, 49-47. Photo by James Giago Davies

Class AA teams often feature Lakota ballplayers
Taking a critical look at the current playoff format
By James Giago Davies
Native Sun News Correspondent

RAPID CITY –– Given the large number of Lakota ball clubs to cover during the basketball season, the Native Sun News did not cover much AA basketball in 2015-16, and that was a mistake.

These are some gifted Lakota ballplayers you should know about:
Rapid City Central Lady Cobblers: 5-11 junior Mya Jones, 5-7 sophomore Lexus Eagle Chasing, 5-9 freshman Juneau Jones.

Douglas Boys: 5-10 junior, Lemans Little Eagle, 6-2 sophomore Anthony Jones, and 5-9 freshman Dylan Pourier.

Rapid City Stevens Boys: 5-9 junior Andrew Cottier, 5-11 junior Mason Archambault, 6-0 junior, Takoda Ghost Bear.

Cottier and Archambault are former Cobblers, and regardless of why they are now at Stevens, that Stevens would have three Lakota ballplayers and Central none, given the heavy Lakota population of North Rapid, does arch an eyebrow.

The history of Lakota participation at the top schools in the state goes back to the old Class A-Class B system, where the top 32 teams were Class A, and all the other teams Class B. In that system, section 7A consisted of Rapid City Stevens, Rapid City Central, Douglas and Todd County.

Cheyenne Eagle Butte was a top A school and Rapid City Central, coached by Dave Strain had legendary Lakota ballplayers like Marty Waukazoo, Steve Witthorne, and Terry Cuny. These players were often the face of Lakota basketball.

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