Concerns raised about officer who shot and killed Navajo woman

Family and friends carried a photo of Loreal Tsingine through the streets of Winslow, Arizona, on April 2, 2016. Photo from Navajo Nation OPVP / Facebook

The city of Winslow, Arizona, released internal law enforcement documents about a police officer who shot and killed a woman from the Navajo Nation.

According to documents posted by KPNX-TV, a superior warned in 2013 that someone might get "hurt" unless officer Aaron Shipley changed his on-duty behaviors. That's exactly what happened when he shot Loreal Juana Barnell Tsingine, 27, five times on March 27.

Shipley also was too quick to place his hand on his service weapon, a document states. And he believed his badge gave him the authority to harass and belittle residents in a city where Native Americans represent 25.7 percent of the population, another superior said.

The concerns about Shipley's behaviors even led a corporal to recommend that he not be kept on the force. He has since been disciplined twice in the past three years, the Associated Press reported.

Shipley is on leave while the Arizona Department of Public Safety investigates the shooting. Leaders of the Navajo Nation have called on the Department of Justice to intervene, citing a pattern of mistreatment in Winslow, a community about 30 miles from the southern border of the reservation .

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