James Giago Davies: The Wasicu counts on us being our own enemy

James Giago Davies. Photo from Native Sun News

There’s a fly in my soup
Even Custer’s ghost acts like a jerk
By James Giago Davies

You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to find hard evidence the Wasicu runs our lives. Some of us think if we just get angry enough, indignant enough, organized enough, galvanized enough, we can make him go away, but that has never come close to happening.

Some of us think there’s some spiritual leader or ritual or prophecy that will make the Wasicu leave and give us back our land and independence. If we just ride enough horses or occupy enough encampments he will be so intimidated he will just pack up and move back to Europe. That’s the kind of Ghost Dance magical thinking that failed to turn away bullets at Wounded Knee.

The Wasicu is everywhere we look—his roads, towns, fences, dams, power lines. His blood flows in most of our veins. We speak his language, eat his food, drive his cars, surf his porn, shoot his basketballs, spend his money, when we are lucky enough to even have any money, pickle our brains with his booze, when we are unlucky enough to have any booze.

Our plan to use the force of our wonderful cultural traditions to defeat the Wasicu long term is not going very well these past couple of centuries. If this was a basketball game, the Wasicu would be ahead at halftime 50-3. I gave us a three point bucket for rubbing out that creep Custer.

Even if we took over North Rapid, we’d still be behind 50-9 in the third quarter. I gave us two three point buckets because that’s about twice as impressive as obliterating that jerk Custer.

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