Member of Puyallup Tribe develops 'Teepee' tribal directory app

Screenshots from TeePee - A Native American Tribal Directory, a new app on Apple's App Store.

Information about every federally recognized tribe in the United States is available on a new app developed by a member of the Puyallup Tribe of Washington.

Miguel Douglas launched TeePee - A Native American Tribal Directory on Apple's App Store in February. The directory is divided into 12 familiar regions and each listing includes the tribe's name, its leader and other contact information.

“If you think about people who deal with tribes on a daily basis, they’re constantly looking up information on the Internet or looking in books, and that information could be old, too,” Douglas told The Tacoma Weekly. “This app provides the opportunity to have the most current and updated information."

The app costs $1.99 and comes in versions for the iPhone and the Ipad.

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