Seneca Nation sends delegation to Carlisle boarding school site

A grave marker for a student who died at the Carlisle Indian Industrial School in Pennsylvania. Photo from RST DCI Sicangu Youth Council / Facebook

Leaders and members from the Seneca Nation in New York visited the former Carlisle Indian Industrial School in Pennsylvania, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

The delegation of about 50 held dances at the site, the paper reported. They also visited the cemetery where nearly 200 Indian children are buried.

"I just hope that by having a couple of dances and by looking at the graves today, we can let our people know, let the spirits know that we love them and we want to bring them home," President Maurice "Moe" John told the paper. At least three young Seneca are buried in the cemetery, the paper reported.

Carlisle remains under the control of the U.S. military so the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act does not apply to the site. Military officials, however, have vowed to help descendants reclaim their young relatives from the cemetery.

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