James Giago Davies: Police officers get away with 'kill option'

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Nuts are coming out of the woodwork
That’s what happens when you abuse the kill option
Native Sun News Columnist

If you repeatedly plucked just two people from the world population of over seven billion, and placed them in the same environment, a good many would eventually find an excuse to kill each other.

None of us asked to be born. None of us asked to be born helpless, requiring the immediate, protective attention of key human beings. All of a baby’s choices are made for him, but at some point, he recognizes the greatest power any human being will ever know, the power to make a choice, and there will be some rough patches, like the terrible twos, but eventually we all learn we can’t have everything, we learn to make a choice that is not the choice we wanted, because other people forced us to settle for that choice.

So what prompts a person to choose the kill option? There are a lot of options a dissatisfied person can choose before the kill option, the walk away option, the harsh language option, the dial 911 option, the I’ll come back later and flatten all the tires on your vehicle option. The kill option obviously is the most extreme setting, the worst option we can pick from a selection rife with heinous options, violence, rape, torture—that there could be a setting worse than all those settings combined, shouldn’t be possible, but there is, kill.

Given the daily news, we might think kill is a fairly popular option. Given the power of kill, the allure of kill, it seems like all of us would eventually give kill the old college try. But we don’t. I have never killed any person. I have never tried to kill any person, and I know only one person in my life that has, my brother Christopher. He chose the kill option, repeatedly, as a soldier in Iraq.

Sometimes we choose the kill option in self-defense, to protect others, but most of us living and working in the USA, never find ourselves in that situation. As a soldier, Christopher had to make that choice. We allow soldiers and law enforcement the kill option. People were trying to kill my brother, they had already almost killed him, and five surgeries have not returned him to the brother I knew before Iraq. But Christopher was forced to choose the kill option; the .50 cal. kill option, a fairly drastic example of the option, and if all those insurgents had not been killed by his choice, he would have never come back home alive.

That should always be the only reason we choose the kill option; because we had no other choice. Or as Marlon Brando said in One Eyed Jacks, he didn’t offer me any selection.

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