Native Sun News: Young Pine Ridge resident killed after exposing 'fake' medicine man

Todd Little Bull was killed on August 2, 2016, his 26th birthday.

Man killed shortly after Facebook posts expose fake medicine man
By Richie Richards
Native Sun News Staff Writer

KYLE –– Soon after coming forward and exposing what he called a “fake,” Todd Little Bull was shot and killed near Kyle after several posts on social media.

The person Little Bull accused of allegedly holding ceremonies with fake spiritual experiences is Jerome LeBeau. Little Bull claimed he was asked to shake gourds, turn on small blue lights and blow whistles during ceremonies.

Sometime around midnight on Aug. 2, Little Bull was killed, shortly after posting a voice message from a man named Jack Conroy. The message was left on Facebook Messenger and Little Bull wrote, “one of many threats.” This was posted at 11:36 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 1.

A screen shot of an alleged threat to Little Bull from a man named Tre Vocu surfaced the day of the murder and was shared widely across Indian Country. In this message, Vocu is alleged to have said to Little Bull, “You gotta f***ing cross hair on your head b**ch, your (sic) in the head and you’re gunna (sic) get yours f***ing p***y better believe that!”

These two alleged threats came as a result of Little Bull’s coming forward with information he supposedly had regarding the illegitimate spiritual practices of Jerome LeBeau; a spiritual mentor whom Little Bull came to for teaching him Lakota ceremonial ways.

On the social media page, Indigenous Life Movement, screen shots and photos of Todd Little Bull’s exposing testimony regarding his experiences with LeBeau were posted and shared.

Little Bull said in these posts, “I had so much Love for Jerome Lebeaux and Thunder Valley. Their family is so Loving and compassionate. I put my heart into everything that I’ve done for them. By that I mean praying with them in the Beautiful way that we pray.”

Then Little Bull begins to tell of the negative feelings and the seeming guilt he had. “I told Jerome I couldn’t do any more of the fake shit. So the first thing he does is attacks me where it would hurt me the most. My heart. First he does is creates this bulls**t story about me trying to be with his wife. When all she was doing was coming to me to vent about all the helpers in the circle… We agreed on so much wrong and negativity within the alter. The people and the drugs.”

“He also said I was trying to be with Bree and his daughters for sex. Bree, you know that’s not true and I hope you tell. Tacie, you know that’s not true. My texts to the both of you are in my phone and an investigator will over look all of it,” Little Bull said as if to be leaving evidence of any future investigations regarding alleged accusations against himself.

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