Native Sun News: A day of resistance on the Pine Ridge Reservation

Olowan Martinez left, and Rosebud White Plume. Courtesy photo

Resistance on the banks of Wounded Knee Creek
Day highlights youth, rights, music, and water
By Debra White Plume (Wioweya Najin Win)
Special to The Native Sun News

MANDERSON –– Owe Aku (Bring Back the Way) co-sponsored with many allies a Day of Resistance to the Dilution of Lakota Way of Life at Kiza Park near Manderson. The primary purpose was to show our young people love and support. Rights of the Oglala Lakota Nation was on the agenda as well, along with media work to educate and provide opportunities for participants to engage in water protection videos and interviews for later release through the Internet and print publishing.

The idea to host such an event was the idea of Olowan Martinez, a long time activist and organizer for many social justice issues on the Pine Ridge.

On the Pine Ridge, the high rate of youth suicide and suicide attempts prompted the Oglala Sioux Tribe to issue a declaration. The meth use among teenagers and young adults is seen as an epidemic. Violent crimes of murder, assaults, sex crimes and human trafficking related to meth have escalated in the past few years, prompting Senator Thune to visit the Pine Ridge Reservation recently and ride along with Oglala Sioux Tribe Chief of Police Eugene White Hawk for one day.

White Hawk stated that his department has as many calls in one day as Rapid City. Chronic lack of jobs for youth contributes to lack of money to meet everyday needs, overcrowded homes, parental alcoholism and drug addiction, sexual abuse, and many other social illnesses have impacted our youth and children and families to the point that many people feel is comparable to Third World conditions-but without the international aide and attention that such conditions may evoke in other countries.

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