Artist David Bernie offers 'Indigemojis' for your Native emoji needs

Indigemojis by David Bernie is available on the App Store for Apple devices. Image from Facebook

A new app aims to bring indigenous flair to digital conversations across Indian Country.

David Bernie launched Indigemojis this month with over 1,100 unique and distinctively indigenous images. Through sayings like "Go Smudge Yourself" or depictions of "Women Warriors," the Yankton Sioux artist believes his emoji collection celebrates the humor inherent in Native cultures.

“Contrary to the stereotypical 'stoic warrior' image, humor is one of the most defining aspects of Indigenous cultures. Laughter forms strong community bonds and allows us to address things like poverty, dispossession, oppression, and how despite colonialism, we’re still here and our cultures are vibrant,” Bernie said in a press release. “So while there are variations between us, these qualities are a common dialogue that I wanted to privilege. I created Indigemojis from within, for the community, as the contemporary digital form of those expressions.”

The Indigemojis app is currently available on the App Store for use on Apple devices. Bernie is giving away some stickers for free but others require an in-app purchase.

Bernie plans to update the app with animated gifs and other stickers in the future. He also expects to offer a version for use on Android devices.

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