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Denver American Horse

Veteran Warrior Wakte' Glipi
To come home in Triumph / Victory
By Denver American Horse
Lakota Country Times Columnist

Hau Kh'ola (Hello friend), toh niktuka hwo (how are you)? Matanyan yelo (I am well / fine).

Hekta Ohko-ihanke hehan hinhani echiyatan lila osni yelo (Last week-end it was very cold in the mornings). Tohna chan unkaun pi hena (Those of us who burn wood); wana chan k-in pi iyehantu yelo (it is time to haul / gather firewood). Imahel unpi - hanskaska hena okile pi kta hecha (Certainly time to look for the long-johns). Tukte el oblaye tah lushloka pi hechi (Where ever you took them off on the prairie) lol (Ho Th'anka Ih'at-ah). Kaph'anph'an pi nahan tanyan katahtah po (Make them pliable / soft and shake them out good). Insh ogna iyechinka wosla najin ktelo (Or else it might stand by itself).

Lekshi waye Leo (My Uncle Leo) ayashna oiehanhan unk- uwapi (used to tease us); imahel unpi - hanskaska unkith'awab th'antanhan (because of our long-johns). Lila woimag'ag'a ke (He is very amusing).

Le Anpetu kin (Today is) Anpetu Th'okahe (Monday). Chanwape G'i Wi (Moon of Brown Leaf / Leaves - September) Ahke Nunpa (12th), Kh'oktopawing'e Nunpe sam Ahke Shakpe (2, 016). Th'ankal th'ate na Chu mah'piya (Outside is windy and cloudy). Maza shkanshkan kin wana Wikchemna : Wikchemna yamni ahke zaptan . hinhani lah'chi (The time is now 10:35 a.m.).

"South Dakota Oglala Sioux Tribe caught up in $60 million scam -- Charges against Jason Galanis and six others were announced by U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara in Manhattan. Defense lawyers did not immediately comment…Prosecutors said Galanis and others lied to an entity of the Oglala Sioux Tribe from March 2014 through April about how proceeds from its bonds would be invested. They said the dealings occurred with the Wakpamni Lake Community Corp., an economic development corporation arm of the Oglala Sioux Tribe of South Dakota's Pine Ridge Reservation."
Source: The Associated Press, May 13, 2016

Community members who think they are smart; know everything and disregard others are often taken advantage of. (Itantan shkan).

I was informed (Omakiyaka pi) on Monday, September 5th, that the Wakpamni District still has $1 million in their account and that recently, the school children all received up to $30 for their back-to-school needs - echoh'chikel (at least). And that, this $30 came out of the interest of that $1 million. Remember, there are six (Shakpe) communities (Wichoti) in Wakpamni District, although, I was told that one of them is trying to igluh'laye (break away / secede) from the district.

Ohan (Okay / Alright). I want to thank my community members for opening your doors and visiting with me.

Until next week, Happy Trails!

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