Member of Puyallup Tribe threatens to buck Hillary Clinton pledge

Robert Satiacum Jr., at podium, attended the Democratic National Convention in July 2016. Photo by Indianz.Com / Available for use under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

Robert Satiacum Jr., a member of the Puyallup Tribe, is threatening to go against his pledge to support Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, Politico reports.

Satiacum is one of 12 Democrat electors for Washington. If Clinton wins the state in next month's election, he is required to vote for her in the Electoral College, which is the body that actually determines the winner of the presidential race.

But Satiacum told Politico that he might buck the pledge, even if it results in a $1,000 fine under state law. He said he sees no difference between Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump.

“I have to either step down from being this thing I was elected to be or I’ve got to step down from being myself,” Satiacum told Politico. “That’s the teeter totter I’m on.”

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is presented with a blanket during a visit to the Puyallup Reservation in Washington on March 22, 2016. Photo from Hillary for America

Satiacum attended the Democratic National Convention in July as a delegate for Bernie Sanders, who lost the Democratic nod to Clinton. He offered a song at the first meeting of the Native American Council during the event.

"Feelings aren't right or wrong," Satiacum said at the time, urging delegates to follow their consciences. "Speak your feelings."

The song was preceded by a prayer offered by Patricia "Patsy" Whitefoot, a well-respected member of the Yakama Nation. She was the one who nominated Satiacum to be an elector for Washington and he told Politico that he was worried about offending her if he didn't follow his pledge

“In our conversations with our electors and in the pledge they have signed, they have committed to uphold their responsibility and vote for the Democratic nominee for president,” a spokesperson for the Washington Democratic Party told Politico. “We are confident that Hillary Clinton will win the presidency and that our other down ballot candidates will win election.”

Clinton, incidentally, campaigned on the Puyallup Reservation in March and met with tribal leaders from the state during the visit.

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