Tiffany Midge: 'Pocahottie' costumes are still OK this Halloween

A "Pocahottie" for sale. Photo from Buy Costumes

Poet Tiffany Midge, a member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, wants to know why it's still acceptable to dress up as an "Indian" for Halloween while clowns are being banned left and right:
Native social justice activists have been speaking out against Native American themed costumes for many years, yet companies still produce them, and stores still order and sell them. When I contacted the costume supply store in my small town and complained, the owner said that they couldn’t afford to stop selling them, that their Pocahottie, Indian Brave, and Big Chief costumes were their top sellers for Halloween.

Colorado school Brighton 27J reportedly decided to ban clown costumes believing that it is the best way to avoid perpetuating clown fear or paranoia. Another school, Adams 12 has also issued a prohibition encouraging parents to discuss the power of social media because that was where the clown problem all started.

Should McDonald’s mascot clown Ronald McDonald be outlawed? Should authorities place an embargo on Jack in the Box? These are good questions, but an even better question is wtf, universe? Why are there menacing clown reports in two dozen states since April? And why are scary clowns more threatening than say, well, I don’t know, RACISM?

It’s a matter of perspective I suppose, right?

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