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Native Sun News Today Editorial: Republicans in South Dakota embrace Monster Trump

Noem and Thune: Embracing the monster they created

By Native Sun News Today Editorial Board

While discussing the long history of Donald Trump’s bigotry dating back to his days as a realtor when his company refused to rent apartments to African Americans, and his five-year charge that President Obama was born in Kenya, Africa, and Trump’s recent efforts to gain support from the Black American community, an African American newscaster put it best when he said, “You don’t get a prize for being the most reformed bigot.”

A recent editorial in Native Sun News Today pointed out the many attacks Trump made against Indian Nations for infringing on his New Jersey casinos by building their own casinos. He said, “They don’t even look like Indians to me.”

Donald Trump is a creation of the Republican Party. They knew who he was and what he was many years ago and when he threw his hat in the arena to run for president, they laughed it off as a big joke. After he demolished the 17 candidates running against him by demeaning them in the worst possible way they still supported his candidacy.

His most recent comments on a video about women seem to have been the last straw. A party that based its foundation on “family values” suddenly found itself torn apart by the misogynistic comments of their candidate.

But lo and behold our elected officials from South Dakota who appear to have genuflected to a racist and demeanor of women; Senator John Thune decried his comments, but said he is still voting for him, and Congresswoman Kristi Noem, a woman of all things, said she is still supporting Trump. Whatever happened to their saintly stance on family values? When one becomes a politician we suppose that throws out all sense of common decency.

When the extremists of the Tea Party came along a few years ago and turned Washington into a place of hate instead of cooperation, they set the tone for the rise of Donald Trump.

Kristi Noem grabbed the shirt tails of the Tea Party Movement as did John Thune. With political donations flying into South Dakota from outside of the state, the Tea Party money men flooded the state with enough money to defeat two great South Dakota Democrats, Stephanie Herseth Sandlin and Tom Daschle. From that day forward it was the sound of two Republicans marching to the drum of the Party, South Dakota constituents be damned.

Trump has brought the Republican Party to its lowest common denominator. Our state legislative body is top heavy with Republicans. South Dakota is a red state. But as the Native American population continues to grow that will change. There is one way for us to prove that this growth is already in motion and that is by going out to the polls and making our minority votes count. Where ever you find a Democrat or an Independent running against a Republican, vote for them. The balance of power in Pierre needs to be stabilized. Don’t ever forget that those in power make the rules and create the laws.

The Republican Party helped to create the monster known as “The Donald” and the man they considered to be a joke has now torn their Party to pieces. Let’s drive another nail into their coffin. Vote for Hawks and Williams.

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