Lakota Country Times: South Dakota sends officers to North Dakota for #NoDAPL crackdown

Authorities from a handful of states participated in a violent crackdown on a #NoDAPL treaty camp in North Dakota on October 27, 2016. Photo courtesy Morton County Sheriff's Department

SD Highway Patrol Against #NODAPL Protectors
By Brandon Ecoffey
Lakota Country Times Editor

PINE RIDGE -- The South Dakota Highway Patrol will continue to have a presence opposite of water protectors in North Dakota. The decision by Gov. Daugaard's office to keep officers across the border is leading to tensions with tribal nations in the state.

On Tuesday, President Brandon Sazue of the Crow Creek Sioux Tribe had a meeting with representatives of the South Dakota Public Safety Office and the South Dakota Tribal Relations Office where he was told the officers from the South Dakota Highway Patrol would continue to oppose efforts by water protectors to stop the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

In a conversation with LCT, Sazue said that he was informed that "the decision to send South Dakota officers to North Dakota was made by the governor."

Sazue would go on to say that in the meeting he was told that his request that the officers be recalled was denied. President Harold Frazier of Cheyenne River has also called for the officers to be removed from the situation that has resulted in multiple documented civil rights abuses by law enforcement against water protectors.

The Crow Creek Sioux Tribe of South Dakota recinded resolution of Memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the South...

Posted by Sazue Brandon on Monday, October 31, 2016

Brandon Sazue on Facebook: Crow Creek Sioux Tribe Rescinds Memorandum of understanding with South Dakota State Highway Patrol over #NoDAPL crackdown

In a stinging letter released Tuesday afternoon President Sazue said that Crow Creek would be ending all relationships with the state.

"Knowingly, or unknowingly, the state of South Dakota has now gotten involved by standing with Dakota Access Pipeline to protect its interests. By doing so you stand against the Oceti Sakowin, our tribal-citizens, peaceful water protectors whose only goal is to protect our water from North Dakota to the Gulf of Mexico," said Sazue. "You now condone the atrocious acts committed against peaceful citizens of this continent."

Sazue would then add that Crow Creek would relinquish all contact with the state and withdraw from any agreements with South Dakota including tax relationships and law enforcement pacts.

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LCT sent an inquiry to the State Tribal Relations Office for a response to Crow Creek's decision to relinquish contact to the state but the questions were deferred to another state office.

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