Nooksack Tribe moves to disenroll 306 after holding referendum

Police officers from the Nooksack Tribe of Washington prevented attorneys from the Galanda Broadman law firm entering the tribe's court as part of an eviction dispute, according to attorney Gabe Galanda. Photo by Gabe Galanda

The Nooksack Tribe of Washington plans to "immediately" disenroll 306 people, based on the results of a referendum that concluded last week.

According to results posted by the tribe on Facebook, 209 people voted for disenrollment while only 8 were against it. The individuals facing removal -- also known as the The Nooksack 306 -- must now participate in 10-minute hearings over the phone, The Bellingham Herald reported.

The referendum came after the Bureau of Indian Affairs said it would not recognize any actions taken by the tribal council due to a lack of a quorum. At issue are vacant seats on the council that the tribe plans to fill in by holding new elections.

Since the primary takes place December 17, anyone from The Nooksack 306 who is removed by the council won't be able to vote.

Meanwhile, the tribe started evictions proceedings against Margretty Rabang, who is among those facing removal. She was granted a delay in order to find an attorney who can represent her in tribal court, The Herald reported.

Rabang was being represented by attorneys from the Galanda Broadman law firm but they have been disbarred by the tribal council in an action the BIA said it would not recognize.

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