A student presents his plans for opening a firewood sales business on the Cheyenne Rover Reservation during the 40th annual Lakota Nation Invitational, held December 2016 in Rapid City, South Dakota. Photo by Lakota Country Times
Lakota Country Times: New Oglala Sioux leader encourages youth

OST President Encourages Young Entrepreneurs At Competition

By Brandon Ecoffey

Lakota Country Times Editor

RAPID CITY -- Newly-elected Oglala Sioux President Scott Weston addressed young entrepreneurs at the Lakota Nation Invitational's business plan competition last month and outlined plans for his administration going forward.

"I want young and motivated people to work with," said Weston. Weston would go on to say that he wanted more youth to pursue their goals as business owners and that the Oglala Sioux Tribe needed to do a better job at creating opportunities for them. Weston has brought a new energy to the OST President's office having made himself more available to the public.

"I am trying to get out and make myself available to people," said Weston to LCT. During Weston's campaign he visited every community on the reservation in a gesture designed to get more people involved in the issues impacting their communities.

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The business plan competition that Weston made the appearance at has been put on by Courtney Two Lance and the tribe's Credit and Finance program for e last several years. This year the President's office donated a $1,000 scholarship to the contest that 19 students participated in.

Those entered in the contest were asked to create a business plan that they felt would be successful. Students were judged on their ability to assess their competition and market, as well as on how they were going to run their proposed business.

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