Native Sun News Today: Art students unveil 'Water Is Life' mural

West Middle School students who helped create the “Water Is Life” Mural: (front row) Bresha Keegan and Paige Nicholson, (back L to R) Meyori Mardian, Savannah Moore, Jordan Woods, Hunkpapa Lakota Artist Daryl No Heart, Gypsy Farmer, Angelina Giago, West Middle School Principal Mr. Dan Conrad and art teacher Mrs. Sarah Penfield.

Nothing can exist without water
Students learn value of water through mural
By Ernestine Chasing Hawk
Native Sun News Today Managing Editor

RAPID CITY –– When more than 80 West Middle School art students embarked upon the task of creating a mural depicting “Water is Life,” they learned more than just how to paint a mural, they learned the value of water.

“Nothing can exist without water,” the students said during a January 19 unveiling ceremony of the mural that portrays scenes from around the Black Hills with the focal point being a waterfall and a river.

Incorporated into the mural is the theme “Water is Life” in 20 different languages including the indigenous languages of the Lakota, Cree and Anishinaabe people.

The mural was the brainstorm of West Middle School art teacher Ms. Sarah Penfield who said she thought of the project and wrote proposals to the South Dakota Arts Council and the Rapid City Public Schools Foundation outlining her idea.

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