Alex Jacobs: Donald Trump makes good on shock and awe campaign

President Donald Trump in the Oval Office. Photo: The White House

President Donald Trump keeps surprising Indian Country and the nation with his executive actions. Where does America go from here? Mohawk artist and poet Alex Jacobs looks at the new landscape:
Shock and Awe is being widely used to describe the daily “blitzkrieg” of lawful but not legal directives and extralegal pronouncements emanating from the current occupant of the White House and his minions. The actions contained within them will soon affect all American citizens and most inhabitants of the “civilized” world. Commentators in South and Central America say Trump acts like a “caudillo” or strongman; the Arab world says welcome to the daily protests of “the Arab Spring” and the following repression. It is all reminiscent of the U.S.’s last dalliance with paranoid isolationism, the America First movement of the late 1930s.

The man appears to be mentally ill, suffering from a mental disorder or a learning disability. Entitlement and privilege can mean that nobody has ever told you, in forceful terms, “No”. He continues to talk about serious issues in the manner of a 12 year old adolescent, saying what he wants to believe to be true.

The Republicans will have a lot to answer for and their moderate elements will end up joining with Democrats to impeach Trump or whatever process can force him out. But only after he does more damage to the process of Constitutional Democracy and the country’s institutions until his actions affect the voters who allowed him access to these powers. That is the good news.

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Alex Jacobs: America First: Trump’s 100 Days of ‘Shock and Awe’ (Indian Country Today 1/31)

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