Ivan Star Comes Out: Equality still seems to be a problem in America

Ivan F. Star Comes Out

Where did racial supremacy come from?
By Ivan F. Star Comes Out
Native Sun News Today Columnist

As humans, we are all entitled to certain things. This entitlement is called a right. And as native people, we are equally entitled, not only when someone else says we are. Equality seems to be problematic for many in these United States, especially for those who believe they are superior to all others. A great war was waged over this supremacy thing and the side for equality and justice won.

The United States Constitution basically outlines these rights which are defined as “morally correct, just, or honorable.” Sometimes, we hear the all too familiar phrase, “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” However, these rights are too often ignored, especially by state and federal governments, and are now nearly forgotten.

Instead the new nation stands solidly on propaganda their “Founding Fathers” devised. The notion that democracy has its roots in the “cradles of democracy,” specifically ancient Greece and Rome, was conceived to promote conquest and self-preservation. Also, the nation’s schools continually teach this fallacy they call American history as the absolute truth to millions of children.

These children became adults who cannot accept the fact that this constitution originated from indigenous thought and philosophy. Reality is, the “founding fathers” of this country “discovered” a system of government among the eastern Iroquois and pilfered it, just as they did gold and land, under the banner of “supremacy” or Manifest Destiny.

There is a thing called hegemonic stability theory which is applied to politics, economics, and history wherein a single nation must be dominant for global stability to exist. The phrase itself connotes a profound immorality and malevolence. I cannot accept the precept that it was God’s will for these white men to have everything in this world. Where does all this come from?

Truth is, in 1452, Pope Nickolas V decreed all non-Christians in West Africa (Saracens) Pagans and therefore did not have the right to own land and can be enslaved, converted, or killed. King Alfonso V (Portugal) was conferred the right to “attack, conquer, and subjugate” them. Later, in 1493, Pope Alexandra VI gave Queen Isabella (Spain) all the land “discovered” in the western hemisphere.

Meanwhile, the Iroquois were living a system of government called the Great Law of Peace. It may have been in use when the Vikings arrived in north-eastern part of the continent. The Iroquois system successfully unified five separate autonomous nations (later six) called the Iroquois Confederacy.

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