Larry Spotted Crow Mann: Indigenous people continue to sacrifice

Larry Spotted Crow Mann. Photo: Whispering Basket

President Donald Trump has everyone talking about immigration, refugees and religion. But where are the indigenous voices in the debate? Writer Larry Spotted Crow Mann (Nipmuc) offers another perspective:
As we have this conversation about immigration: who belongs here and who doesn’t; this would be the opportune time for America to reflect on the First People of this land.

But the silence is deafening. As the multitude of protests erupt across the country to let people in, the grievances of the Indigenous People of America never seem to get out. If only that same vigor could be harnessed to support the First Peoples across the USA/Canada the disproportionate amount of human suffering in those communities could finally be addressed.

The exegesis of this apathetic narrative goes back to the Church; then on to the media, politicians and the overall malaise in mainstream society concerning Indigenous agency.

Ironically, if the Pokanoket Chief, Massasoit was a little less altruistic to the 102 weary and half-starved Pilgrims in 1620, we may not even be having this conversation.

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