James Giago Davies: Tribes face bigger threat than Dakota Access

Cleanup efforts continue at Oceti Sakowin, which hosted thousands of people in North Dakota as part of the ongoing #NoDAPL movement. Photo: Standing Rock Rising

There’s a bigger threat out there than DAPL
If your leaders don’t know it, get yourself some new ones
By James Giago Davies
Native Sun News Today Columnist

One constant the Wasicu has always been able to count on is Lakota turning on Lakota.

The Orange Ogre in the White House is just the latest politician to take full advantage of this. He knows we don’t select the best and the brightest among us as our leaders, just like he isn’t; we select creatures of process, just like he is, those who have learned how to play the Wasicu game of greed and power, just like he has. We don’t select them for their character and intelligence, we select them because they are the son or grandson of some alleged chief or high school basketball coach.

Thing is most of these selected folks have the gravitas of a substitute middle school gym teacher, but there they are front and center holding press conferences that decide the fate of the DAPL opposition.

Rationalizing is a great tool; that’s how you decide with a clear conscience that the millions given to aid the water protectors north of the Cannonball, can be spent to pay Tribal bills south of the Cannonball.

Not that no rationale can be provided for redirecting these monies. The Tribe is hurting from the occupation. The highway is closed, the casinos are losing money. That some of the money could be used to help the Tribe in and of itself is not a bad thing.

What is a bad thing is the about-face press conference, the Tribe asking the water protectors to leave, even as BIA police throttle them at roadside, shoot them with rubber bullets, and arrest them by the scores. That the Tribe could ever find any rationale to side against the water protectors remaining is deeply disturbing, although they were careful to pass a resolution calling for the release of those being held in the Morton County lock-up.

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