Harold Monteau: Trump administration carries out plan to maintain white rule

A message to President Donald Trump. Photo: Joe Flood

So what are President Donald Trump and the Republican party planning for America? Harold Monteau, a citizen of the Chippewa Cree Tribe, has a few ideas:
How are they going to do it? As follows:
• They will create and carry out a Civil War, if necessary, in order to achieve their aims.
• They will engage in massive violations of the United States Constitution and Laws to achieve their goals.
• They will scapegoat certain segments of the population, mainly people of color, immigrants and “liberals”, but also the middle class.
• They will engage in passing discriminatory and unconstitutional legislation that the populace will accept as long as it is not aimed at their particular segment and when it is eventually aimed at them, they will be too fearful to do anything about it, and no one will be left to defend them.
• They will engage in policy efforts, law enforcement efforts, military efforts and judicial efforts to reduce the influx on “non-white” immigrants and reduce the present population of non-whites, and this will include efforts to control the growth of non-white populations.
• They will continue to “militarize” local, state and national law enforcement agencies and use them to protect corporate interests domestically and abroad and they will utilize the “domestic military” for these same purposes.
• They will privatize public lands and interests in land, such as minerals and fuels, and continue to privatize (Corporate Control) the safe drinking water supply while allowing Corporate interests to pillage the “public trust” without regard to environmental impacts and the impacts to safe drinking water and agricultural water.

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