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Alex Jacobs: Donald Trump in middle of the 'deep state civil war'

President Donald Trump signs the NASA Transition Authorization Act on March 21, 2017. Photo: Bill Ingalls / NASA

Can President Donald Trump survive four years in the White House? Mohawk artist and poet Alex Jacobs looks at the conflicting interests the new occupant of the Oval Office is dealing with in the nation's capital and beyond:
A few months ago, we saw an apparent civil war in the government between the Globalist faction (CIA) backing candidate Hillary Clinton and the Homeland faction (FBI) backing president-elect Trump. Now leaks about the Russian election hacks have turned into leaks about contacts between the Trump campaign and Russia. These contacts could’ve been courtesy calls, but it has been overshadowed by the Trump regime’s covering up and pressuring FBI and “high-up contacts” in intelligence agencies to “knock these reports down.” Having gotten a “No” from the FBI, Trump surrogates went out to “trivialize” or “normalize” these contacts to the “rotten, dishonest media.”

Now prominent Republicans are coming out to say an independent investigation is needed, Attorney General Sessions is recusing himself and there are continued calls for Trump’s tax returns to be part of the Russia investigation. I can speculate, maybe there were plans to develop joint US-Russia oil and gas projects and grow their spheres of influence, while benefiting the kleptocracies and oligarchies of both nations. There may have already been money laundering and transfers of wealth. Perhaps it was part of a power play to counter China, Iran and strike the Islamic State. Using conflicts around the world and the war on “terrorism” to set the stage for more contracts, profits and plunder.

We now see clues suggesting that “Citizen Trump” would never have been granted a security clearance, yet he now resides (part-time) in the White House, with alleged neo-Nazis and white supremacists that maintain contacts with foreign fascist movements through Breitbart News. Stealth-President Stephen Bannon, allegedly quit the right wing “fake-news” outlet but at CPAC, Conservative Political Action Conference, he openly said “We at Breitbart…” and no one at Breitbart is willing to show proof that he has officially left.

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