Shoshone-Bannock Tribes euthanize dogs after attack on two-year-old boy

Gunner Quagigant is seen with his older brother Cain. Photo: GoFundMe

The Shoshone-Bannock Tribes euthanized several dogs that were said to be involved in an attack on a two-year-old boy on the reservation in Idaho.

In a press release, the tribe said a "majority" of the dogs involved in the March 25 attack were put down. The Idaho State Journal followed up with a count of 8 of the 11 dogs.

“There has been an increase of phone calls reporting stray dogs in the community," Tom Wadsworth, the tribe's fish and game captain, said in the press release. Wadsworth's department was the one that tracked down the dogs that were euthanized.

Gunner Quagigant was attacked as he was playing in his yard, according to news reports. His grandfather fought off the dogs and he said the family's dog helped fight them off as well.

“They were going to eat my grandson,” Darrell “Inch” Archuleta told Sho-Ban News, the tribe's media outlet.

Gunner suffered severe injuries in the attack but is expected to recover fully, The Journal reported. His family is raising funds for his medical expenses on GoFundMe.

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