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Choctaw artist Waylon Gary White Deer finds new home in Ireland

Waylon Gary White Deer. Photo: Afri

Waylon Gary White Deer, an artist from the Choctaw Nation, has been living in Ireland since 2012.

White Deer first visited in 1995 to commemorate the tribe's ties to Ireland, The Irish Examiner reported. In 1847, Choctaw citizens donated $170, or tens of thousands of dollars in today's currency, to assist the Irish people during their historic time of hardship.

“I learned of the 1847 Choctaw donation to Famine Ireland when I was in Indian boarding school,” White Deer told the paper.

White Deer continues to produce paintings in his adopted home. He said Irish culture influences the way he thinks about his Choctaw identity.

"Among other things my paintings try and show how alive with spirit our tribal ways are, and to help move them forward into other generations,” he told the paper.

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