James Giago Davies: Rich and powerful people control our country

James Giago Davies. Photo courtesy Native Sun News Today

Large and in charge
Here, let us run this country for you
By James Giago Davies
Native Sun News Columnist

A select group of rich and powerful people have taken over our country. We should be alarmed, because the news is full of frightening things we should be alarmed about, and the major news outlets and the blogosphere hype them to the extreme, ostensibly because fear sells.

This take over did not happen yesterday. For decades we have been continually reminded of terrible things that have gone bad wrong and will get much worse. Communism, the Energy Crisis, Global Warming, Terrorism, Aids, Sharia law, and Mountain Lions.

Yeah, never forget mountain lions. A nuke could melt every major city and military installation in the USA in twenty minutes, but worry about that mountain lion carrying off your pet schnauzer instead—“Honey, what’s that mushroom cloud on the horizon about?” “Will you shut-up about everything! I think that mountain lion just grabbed Dexter!”

Every day people die in car accidents but the highways are still crawling with cars. Let a handful of people drown jumping off some scenic waterfall, over the course of fifty years, and they rope off access, call in some engineers, and blow the place up. People weren’t safe.

Our fear is selective. Triggered by factors with only a passing resemblance to reason and logic. This is not something that just happened yesterday. Rich and powerful people have this nasty habit of owning and controlling things. We have an even nastier habit of letting them get away with that. They figured out a long time ago which fear buttons to push to keep us under control.

The problem was, to push those fear buttons effectively they needed to shape how we see reality. That means they had to buy some things, and they had the money, so why not? Buy the media, control not only what we know, and distort what is reported to meet their narrative. Buy the politicians, that’s easy enough, politicians want money and power, give them some. Once you have control of government, and once you control the Congress and the White House and the Supreme Court, you control the military, and their intelligence services, you control law enforcement, but most importantly, you control education.

Train the people to be afraid, but not of you, heavens no. Over time you get them to internalize your values, so even though they ain’t got money, they’re so in love with you, honey, they see themselves as you, just a break or two away from being millionaires themselves, just like they are a lottery ticket away from winning the jackpot.

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