Native Sun News Today: Runners from Standing Rock head to Ohio

Chief Arvol Looking Horse is the 19th Generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe and a spiritual leader of the Sioux Nation. Photo by Indianz.Com / More on Flickr

Looking Horse backs Standing Rock to Ohio runners
By Talli Nauman
Native Sun News Today
Health & Environment Editor

GREEN GRASS –– As Sacred White Buffalo Calf Bundle Keeper Arvol Looking Horse lent his support to pipeline resistance movement participants on a relay ride and run to Ohio from the Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation, the principal company in the Dakota Access Pipeline construction debacle acknowledged regulators’ notice of violations April 17 for two leaks on another line it is building in that state.

The company Energy Transfer Partners and its associates recently announced completion of the tribally contested Dakota Access Pipeline crossing of the Missouri River just a half-mile upstream from Standing Rock’s drinking water intake.

Energy Transfer Partners’ Rover Pipeline installation project in Ohio spilled 2.5 million gallons of unauthorized drilling fluid into a wetlands adjacent to the Tuscarawas River and another wetlands located in Mifflin Township of Richland County, as reported to authorities on April 14.

The Ohio EPA outlined the initial steps for Energy Transfer Partners to take in cleanup: “Terminate the release of additional drilling fluids into the wetland and waters of the state of Ohio; establish and maintain appropriate containment points to prevent the migration of mud from impacted area; remove drilling fluids and the mud that settled out; follow procedures provided in the Rover Pipeline HDD Contingency Plan for Corrective Actions; and properly dispose of all generated waste.”

In responding to the notice of violations, the company’s Senior Project Manager Buffy Thomason wrote the agency: “We appreciate your collaboration and your time and effort in providing guidance in the remediation of the two sites.”

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