Donna Loring: Donald Trump's hero was the father of Native American genocide

Andrew Jackson was the seventh president of the United States. Image: The White House

Andrew Jackson is constantly in the news thanks to President Donald Trump. Donna Loring, a citizen of the Penobscot Nation, reminds us of the seventh president's genocidal legacy:
The Indian Removal Act displaced thousands of Native people from their homelands and thousands died on that journey. Andrew Jackson is the father of Native American genocide in the Southeast. We should not forget that the United States Congress passed that Act by one single vote, either. Although the concept was Jackson’s, Congress was an accomplice. Greed was behind the creation of the Removal Act.

Fifteen years after his death and after this horrendous act of genocide, the Civil War broke out.

The two bloody periods remind me of the Christian story of good and evil in the Garden of Eden and how the devil tempted Eve to take a bite of the apple. That was the first bite and look where it got them! No more Eden.

Today, Jackson’s portrait is proudly displayed in the oval office. President Trump, wants to be just like Jackson.

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