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Alex Jacobs: Donald Trump is starting to act like he's guilty of something

A protest at the White House on May 10, 2017, after President Donald Trump fired James Comey as the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Photo: Mike Maguire

Are you keeping up on all the drama caused by President Donald Trump? From the firing of the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation to the dissemination of sensitive information to the Russians, Mohawk artist and poet Alex Jacobs wonders what's coming next:
The chaos starts at the top and is meant to wear you down so that you start to accept the “New Normal.”

Just weeks ago, when we were comparing presidencies, we would bring up Watergate but it was more like wishful thinking. After all it took Nixon two years to fully implode inside his bunker after the slow drip of leaks, firings and resignations. But now Trump is starting to act like he is guilty of something besides inflated ego and incompetence. He thought he could get away with a reality TV equivalent with his “You’re Fired!” moment but he couldn’t even trust his own staff, thinking it might leak.

Then when his staff didn’t have enough time to prepare answers, he next reveals his own thoughts on national TV and leaks classified intel directly to the Russians. In firing FBI Director James Comey to stop the steady drip of “Russiagate,” Trump has set the stage for a possible constitutional crisis but it still needs the Watergate equivalent of a “smoking gun.” Trump himself brought it up with a Twitter threat against Comey of “tapes,” but this seems more like typical, flailing Trumpism. Last night’s story in The New York Times of a memo written by Comey recounting a meeting in which Trump had said “I hope you can let this go” in reference to the Bureau’s investigation of General Flynn may yet provide the spark behind the smoke.

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