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Native woman in skirt and sandals wins ultramarathon in Mexico

¡ORGULLO NACIONAL! 🇲🇽️🏆 Ella es María Lorena Ramírez, es una mujer tarahumara que ganó el ultramaratón sin tenis, solo en sandalias. Un ejemplo de que nada es imposible. 👏👏

Posted by André Marín on Friday, May 19, 2017

André Marín on Facebook: María Lorena Ramírez

A 22-year-old Native woman won an ultramarathon last month without the aid of professional sports gear.

According to news reports, María Lorena Ramírez ran the 31-mile UltraTrail Cerro Rojo on April 29 in seven hours and three minutes. She wore just a simple skirt, t-shirt and handkerchief, plus sandals with soles made out of recycled tire rubber, according to an organizer.

“She carried no special accessories,” race organizer Orlando Jiménez told Mexico News Daily. “She didn’t bring any gel, nor energy sweets, walking stick, glasses or those very expensive running shoes that everyone wears to run in the mountains. Just a bottle of water, her hat and a kerchief.”

Ramírez is Rarámuri, who are also known as the Tarahumara people. They are well recognized for their long-distance running skills.

For winning the women's division in the ultramarathon, Ramírez secured a prize of 6,000 pesos, according to Mexico News Daily. That's about $323 in U.S. currency.

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