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Harold Monteau: President Trump is still trying to make America 'White Again'

Is America headed toward a race war? Harold Monteau, an attorney and citizen of the Chippewa Cree Tribe, thinks Donald Trump could soon be presiding over a "ethnic cleansing" unless he condemns hate groups:
Donald Trump’s campaign rhetoric and exhortations to his base of various supporters encouraged them to exclude the “others” that he used as scapegoats—sometimes overtly and sometimes implied—to beat them up, throw them out and exclude them. And that is exactly what they did by physically attacking the “others” who were not like them.

“Make America Great Again” was, and still is, a call to Make America White Again which, in and of itself, is a call to maintain white people as the ruling class even in light of shifting population demographics that will make white Americans a minority. There is some evidence we have already crossed that line. The fear of being in the minority, and the fear of being treated as they have historically treated minority and colored segments of America’s population, was not awakened solely by Trump. That fear has been used as a strategy by the Republican Party for decades. It really became a political force in the last 50 years as GOP strategists developed and refined the subliminal message of fear which now has become an overt message of fear of a non-white takeover in the Trump era.

Since the beginning of his administration, and evidenced by the people Trump has surrounded himself with who preach or support white nationalism, white supremacy, racial segregation, racial superiority, and white rule, it was predictable that hate groups would be encouraged to come out of the dark and attack anyone who is non-white, non-Christian and/or included in the codeword “they.”

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