Sunset at First Beach on the Quileute Reservation in Washington. Photo: sunrisesoup

Prison sentence for fatal overdose of mother from Quileute Tribe

A drug dealer has been sentenced in connection with the fatal overdose of a young mother from the Quileute Tribe.

Felisha Jackson, 28, died after ingesting heroin in September 2015. The first of three individuals was sentenced to 3 1/2 years in prison for supplying her with the drugs, according to news reports.

“No life is worth loseing over drugs,” defendant Casey Marie Ward, who is a citizen of the Muckleshoot Tribe, wrote in a letter submitted to the court. “I have damaged lives and torn families apart."

An excerpt from a letter submitted by defendant Casey Marie Ward.

The incident took place on the Quileute Reservation, according to a plea agreement. News reports said Jackson was found by her 9-year-old daughter at their home.

Co-defendants Hugh Brown and Edward Foster are due to be sentenced later this month, The Auburn Reporter said.

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