Two figures representing Wonder Woman. Photo: JD Hancock

Tiffany Midge: Rejoice! We are now living in a post-sexist society

Did you hear the news? With the release of Wonder Woman on the silver screen, we are now living in a post-sexist society. Poet Tiffany Midge, a citizen of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, rejoiced and so should you:
I have to admit, I’d been fully expecting that the all-women reboot of Ghostbusters was going to smash the patriarchy once and for all. But disappointedly not, as there are STILL sleestack lizard people legislating against women’s health, women’s equality, and women’s rights to yoga pants as business casual.

So when I heard Wonder Woman was going to take up Thor’s Hammer and Hulk Smash the ever-lovin’ shit out of this sexist, misogynist universe, can you blame me for being a skoosh-bit dubious? But boy howdy, was I wrong! Since Wonder Woman’s release, we’re now living in a post-sexist society. Thank goodness! And right in the nick of time! Color me relieved.

And can you believe there’s outrage and protest against a women-only screening? I can’t. Wonder Bras are exclusively for women too, but you don’t see anyone picketing Victoria’s Secret because there’s no lingerie for men, no Wonder Bros for dudes. I haven’t read any op-eds about the menz complaining about women’s bathrooms, or women’s prayer groups, or women’s volleyball. But that’s all moot now, anyway! Because of Wonder Woman we’re living in a post-sexist society! Yay!

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