Welcome to the Blackfeet Nation. Photo: Murray Foubister
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Blackfeet Nation voters reject changes to decades-old constitution

Voters of the Blackfeet Nation rejected an overhaul of the tribe's governing document.

According to unofficial results posted on Facebook, 1,279 voters supported the reformed constitution in a secretarial election on Tuesday. They were outweighed by the 1,644 who objected to the proposed amendments.

"The Blackfeet people have a really good starting point and we’ve got to keep the momentum going so that we can get to change, but we want that driven by the people and not a political agenda," citizen Dawn Gray told Montana Public Radio.

The constitution was first adopted in 1935. It's been amended over the years but the overall governing structure of the tribe, whose reservation is based in Montana, has not seen any major changes.

The proposed constitution would have established separate executive, legislative and judicial branches.

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