All handsome and like.... Photo: Shawn Perez

Tiffany Midge: Even more hilarious conversations with my Lakota mom

And you thought Tiffany Midge was funny? The poet from the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, is back with another installment of some hilarious conversations with her mom:
Who’s That One Guy?

—I like that one guy… what’s his name? That Ind’n actor…

—Wes Studi?

—No, that other one.

—Gary Farmer?

—Uh, no, what’s his name …

—Adam Beach?

—No. He was in Dances with Wolves, he married that white woman with the big hair, the one who looked like she just came from Vidal Sassoon.

—What? No.

—He’s so handsome!


—Your dad was handsome like that Ind’n Dances with Wolves.

—Um, that’s Kevin Costner, Mom. He’s NOT Indian.

—Well he played one on TV.

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